So apparently today it was announced that Tim Drake was never Robin in the new 52 universe despite the fact he’s been mentioned as being a former Robin numerous times.

Also in Batman and Robin Damian is currently fighting all who held the Robin title before him (Tim included).

Even Scott Lobdell himself has referenced Tim’s past as Robin a couple of times.

How could they screw up this much ¬¬.

I think the main problem with the new 52 is that the editing department in charge of overseeing this massive new direction is, frankly, shite. I mean, rebooting the comics’ universe was supposed to be a way to avoid major continuity errors that could potentially confuse new fans.  The panels above refer to the fanrage caused by the revelation at Comic-Con that Tim Drake was never Robin (Batman’s sidekick).  This despite the fact that Tim Drake has been referred to as a former Robin several times in the comics.  Clearly, there’s been a lack of communication which is, inevitably, confusing both old and new fans alike now.

It seems to me that the new 52 idea was an exciting idea that, in practice, has been much harder to organize on both a large-scale and small-detail level.  Individual issues have been plagued by typos and other obvious spelling and grammar errors, solicits for new comics remain consistently inaccurate, and continuity errors and omissions abound.  Clearly, no one in the editing department is speaking to anyone else, and what communication is taking place is obviously not remaining consistent from month to month. 

I’m not that attached to continuity; I read comics for the raccoons with bazookas and Batmans miraculously pulling themselves out of jet engines.  However, a lot of comic fans are bothered by continuity, and inconsistencies like this can be extremely confusing, especially to new fans.  Another month of planning might have avoided this whole mess.  Basically, DC: GET THEE TO AN EDITOR!

(Source: the-gray-son-of-gotham, via fuckyeahbatfamily)