We love watching men behaving badly (and in the case of Breaking Bad, baldly) on our drama series, but we save the lion’s share of our scorn for the women in their lives, whose main crime seems to be wanting them home in time for dinner.

Keith Staskiewicz, “Worst Wives Club.” Entertainment Weekly, November 9/16, 2012.

Nothing about internet fandom riles me so much as this trend, and I can’t quite figure out what the root of it is.  Are we angry with these women for settling into traditional domestic roles scorned by more modern women?  Are fangirls and fanboys jealous of a fictional relationship in which the female character stands between them and the protagonist?  Whatever the reason, gigantic character flaws and grave misdeeds in male characters are often forgiven or even seen as part of their quirky charm, while every little misstep or uncertain decision is apparently grounds for a quick and bloody demise when it comes to female characters.  This by no means reflects all of fandom, but I see it often enough on Tumblr that this article struck a big emotional chord with me.

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