I’m heading to bed this evening hundreds of miles from where I woke up this morning. Interesting to remember that just a century or two ago that distance would have been utterly prohibitive.

I was very nearly in a very bad interstate accident today.  The weird thing was that I didn’t really feel terrified until after the fact - I was too busy reacting and trying to keep from running into someone and having someone run into me.  Bless my little Honda Civic, Molly.  She drove and reacted so well and I am sooo glad I got the tires replaced recently.  Still shaken up about it.  Also bless all the drivers around me who were paying attention and able to react so quickly to a sudden problem. 

Also, just so you know, your little Jeep, no matter how much you love it, is NOT capable of towing a trailer that could swallow it.  Your little Jeep will give out on the interstate and endanger everyone in the immediate vicinity.  Kthanxbai.

One thing I like about both stir-frying and driving is that it requires (but doesn’t always get) my whole attention.  I can just lose myself in a task, let myself become the task, and drown out my annoyingly hand-wringing inner monologue, which rarely gives me a break any other time.