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I'm Sort of Baffled by DC Comics' Unprofessionalism

The fallout from this - I don’t know if it was a purposeful attempt at misinformation or an actual mistake on the part of the editor and publisher - is beginning to creep across the internet.  Basically, a popular character who hasn’t yet really appeared in the Batman family’s DCnU shenanigans (Tim Drake, formerly Robin) was supposed to be the guest star of the struggling series Batman: The Dark Knight’s ninth issue as part of a larger crossover.  It was advertised as being his first major reappearance in Batman comics since DC Comics’ reboot, and his fans were super excited about this.  Would major questions be answered? Would we get clues as to his current role in the Batfam? Well, neither, as it turns out. Tim Drake’s not in the issue.

I know that as a public librarian, I try to deliver quality products to the patrons I serve, and I’m disappointed and embarrassed when those programs and products don’t turn out as advertised, even though they are FREE services to the public.  DC Comics provides a product to PAYING customers, who have budgets to consider, in the form of monthly serialized periodicals.  When one of those turns out to be not as advertised, it’s way unprofessional and kind of a big deal.  It also makes your customers question your trustworthiness and competence.  Tim Drake is also slated to appear in Batman & Robin #10.  Is he really going to appear or is that another mistake?  The original solicit advertising Tim Drake’s appearance was written three months ago.  If the content has changed since then, why wasn’t it updated for paying customers?  If we advertised a guest speaker who doesn’t actually show up at our library, or if we don’t have part of a program ready, I would expect similar questions to be asked of library staff.

I know that if a mistake as big as this were to happen at one of my free programs, or in one of my newsletters, I would be mortified, and I’d like to think that I’d make sure that it was corrected well in advance of the release date.  Failing to do that sends a clear message that you simply don’t care enough about your patrons to keep them updated with correct and quality information. And I’m not even working with paying customers.  The issue here isn’t whether someone’s favorite character is in a comic.  The issue at hand is that a company that can’t afford to offend its customers has provided a flawed product to their buyers.  I didn’t pick up this issue, so it was more of a negligible issue to me personally, but I was just sort of baffled by a pretty large and completely unprofessional mistake from a company that can ill afford it.  Paired with the nearly ubiquitous spelling and grammatical errors that are slipping through the cracks in every title, it makes me think that the editing department over there must be a gigantic mess.

Article in the link is by ThanosCopter for Caveat Emptor.